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Product Disclaimer

Regulatory Compliance: Buyer takes on all responsibility  for compliance with applicable safety standards and regulations with regard to the custom signs that he/she creates with Custom signs are final purchase and non-refundable. takes responsibility for its products to be free from damage or defects when they leave our warehouse. The buyer/customer is wholly responsible for examining the product upon delivery and only using the signs for their intended use. assumes no responsibility for damage done to the sign due to improper installation. will not take on liability for a buyer’s inability to use a sign purchased.'s warranty is limited to an exact replacement of the product purchased, provided it can be clearly  determined that the product was defective or incorrect at the time of purchase. assumes no liability for any loss, damage, or expense, monetary or otherwise,  of any kind as a result of using our signs, or inability to use our signs. This disclaimer and clarification of warranty supersedes and is  in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied verbally or in writing.