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About Us

We’re Max and Robert, founders of Sigo Signs. We’ve always thought signs were boring. Really, what can possibly be inspiring about a No Parking sign? It’s like all signs are THE SAME. But, just between us…. aren’t signs meant to be noticed?

We wanted to create head-turning signs that would be striking and powerful while satisfying all residential and business requirements, OSHA and ANSI regulations, and just about everything else. That’s why we launched Sigo Signs.

Our goal was to craft signs for the digital age – replete with modern graphics, new shapes, sharp text, and rich color. Plus, we designed a stronger, more durable product that doesn’t fade in the sun, bend with the wind, or corrode from rain or rust.

And then something funny happened. The big name, industry-leading sign companies began copying us. They thought our designs were smart and they knew our designs would sell. We were onto something big.

Today, we have our own facility right here on the East Coast, where we have the capacity to manufacture any sign you need on demand.

Local manufacturing means we never run out of stock, because production happens here. And yes, all of our products are made in the great USA, with the greatest American workers of all time. Obviously.

One more thing… We are the proud bearers of 100% positive reviews on Amazon. For real. Check us out and discover our wide range of custom products for all your needs – at your construction site, swimming pool, parking lot, business or residence. We look forward to serving you!